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JETT was built by people who wanted a one-stop shop and solution for their products.
JETT is a company you can trust. We design and produce your product to be a success.
We’re invested in every step of the process.

Good products solve problems.
Your product stays with one company, under one umbrella. There is no outsourcing. That means we become accountable for your product. There is trust and responsibility. Other design companies don’t always care about manufacturing and the future steps of the product. Here its our responsibility. With a great design and planning , we help guide you into the next steps. Where do you go from here? Let us help you!

Development & Manufacturing

You can trust your product with JETT.

We can work with you through every step to get your product made, develop a marketing plan, and help get your product where it belongs.

Made in the USA

Want to Get Your Product Out of China?

JETT is also for you if you currently manufacture your product in China but want to have it made in the US. We can help Individuals and corporations reshore their products so they can be made in the US.

Discover more on our Made in the US page.

The JETT Process

Need Help With Your Product?

Maybe you have a patented product idea and you want to take the next step but you’re not sure where to start or what company will treat your product with respect and strive to take it through the process of making it a real product: with packaging and marketing, and strategies to get your product where you dream it can be. JETT can help you go from concept to market fast.

Discover our 14 Step Process.

Unlike the usual process of obtaining one company for design, one for manufacturing, one for marketing, and another for distribution, JETT is fully integrated to take your product through the design and manufacturing process to marketing and distribution.

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